“Super Sweet Startup Digs” Contest Winners Announced

ABQid and FatPipe ABQ announced the winners of the “Super Sweet Startup Digs” Contest. Ten winners of the contest will receive free desk space, use of office amenities, mentoring and coaching, as well as other invaluable resources for startups. The companies will be able to use these resources for six months and benefit from the close proximity to other active startups within the Innovation Corridor, in downtown Albuquerque. One lucky winner will receive a professional makeover, featuring a wardrobe gift card from Runway Apparel and spa day by AlluraDerm, plus new professional headshots.

FatPipe ABQ
Brian Stinar, Noventum Custom Software
John Ayala – BuckleDown
Athena Christodoulus
Nicole Taylor – The House Nanny

Raghu Kopalle – InnoBright
Sydney Alfonso – Etkie
Pranav Patel – Hotel Upgrade
Samat Jain – PiFi
Robert Mendez – Big Idea, Little Trailer

Kathleen Gardenswartz, co-owner of the Verge Building and ABQid Director of Marketing & Curriculum stated, “The contest is an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs to be at the center of all the amazing connections going on in Albuquerque’s Innovation Central corridor. We give the winners a space to work, develop their startups and feed o ff the energy of other entrepreneurs in the building.”

Lisa Adkins, FatPipe ABQ Managing Partner said, “We’re very excited to participate in the Super Sweet Startup Digs Contest and offer free space to e ntrepreneurs trying to get their startup off the ground. Entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential in environments where they can feed off the energy, ideas and innovations of like-minded people. FatPipe ABQ’s facility and resources combine to create an environment where businesses can focus on learning, growing, networking – and converting their high-tech concepts into marketplace success. We welcome the inaugural winners of this challenge and look forward to working with you over the coming months.”

Bill Bice, Chairman of ABQid added, “There is nothing I love more than helping an entrepreneur build their dream, and Innovation Central is the place to do it. FatPipe ABQ and the Verge Building, along with Innovate ABQ, CNM STEMulus Center and WESST are all at the heart of Innovation Central in downtown Albuquerque. We’ve created a concentration of startup activity where amazing random collisions occur on a regular basis.”

Runway Apparel and a gracious anonymous donor provided a $350 gift card prize for a budding entrepreneur to “make-over” their wardrobe. AlluraDerm has also contributed a Spa make-over for the lucky entrepreneur. A special announcement featuring the winner of this prize is forthcoming.

ABQid identifies and supports the amazing entrepreneurs that are already in our community, helping them to build great businesses that create jobs. ABQid democratizes entrepreneurship, introducing Lean Startup principles to aspiring and active entrepreneurs while connecting them with the resources they need to be successful. In the process, ABQid identifies the biggest, highest growth opportunities, bringing them into the ABQid Accelerator to drastically increase the likelihood of their success. ABQid is a key element in Albuquerque’s public/private efforts to grow a culture of innovation in the center of the city.

FatPipe ABQ is a place where like-minded people can focus on ideas, not the everyday back-office details of running a business. Our 10,000-square-foot facility, in the sought-after Lofts at Albuquerque High Courtyard, comes ready-made with furniture, multi-media equipment, IT infrastructure, and a 300 MB “fat pipe” to the Internet. We also offer mentoring opportunities and can help connect your business to investors and potential partners. All at an affordable price, with lower rent available in some cases in return for equity. Don’t waste time and energy trying to put these resources together yourself. Instead, tap into FatPipe ABQ.

Verge Fund is an early stage seed fund located in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Verge Fund invests in seed-stage, high-growth ventures in the Southwest. This partnership focuses on opportunities at the earliest stages of their development, even if the business model hasn’t fully been built-out.


TechFiesta 2014

It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT geek or if you don’t even know what an “IT geek” is — whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a work-in-a-basement programmer, there’s something at Tech Fiesta Albuquerque for you! Because “tech” impacts business professionals, parents, kids, students, teachers, administrators, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs, costumers, gamers, young, old… everyone. And you’re most certainly someone.

Check out the line up of outstanding events:

Even more fun, here:

ABQid Announces Accelerator Teams for 2014

ABQid 2014 Accelerator Teams
ABQid, Inc., is proud to announce the 2014 ABQid Accelerator Class of 2014. The teams selected to the program are guided by outstanding entrepreneurs, ready to take on the rigorous challenge of searching for a scalable business model. The concepts represented below are a starting point for what will undoubtedly shift during the course of the accelerator program as teams discover the path to highly and rapidly scalable markets.
o AttachedApps delivers cloud-based contact and sales management software designed especially for the millions of small and medium-sized businesses that want a simple and efficient way to manage, retain and grow their customers. Our apps are easy to install, use and own — and they work from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer. If your organization needs a better way to work, find us at www.attachedapps.com.
o Blackfish, Inc., has created an innovative app distribution platform which addresses the primary issue with apps – discoverability. Our patent pending technology lets mobile apps be found among the millions of apps out there, and therefore makes apps more profitable, which is the bottom line in this multi-billion dollar, fastest-growing sector of software.
o InnoBright presents a disruptive, animation rendering accelerator plug-in that improves rendering speed and removes the noise from existing, commercial Monte Carlo method based rendering software packages to produce photorealistic images in a short time. InnoBright’s plug-in improves rendering time by more than 90%, a huge cost reduction and efficiency improvement for animation studios. Customer benefits include faster rendering, higher availability of rendering farm resources, CPU & GPU support, seamless integration into existing workflow.
o itsums collects images for your latest project and organizes them into a simple sum to save you time and money. Americans spend over a trillion dollars annually on parties, weddings, holiday shopping, travel and home projects and they use pictures and images for inspiration and ideas. itsums brings that special event or home project to life while organizing your budget into one sum.
o NuAira is a ultra-pneumatics company concentrating on mobility solutions for personal, public and military transportation. We are dedicated to bringing low cost renewable energy based mobility to developing countries.
o Nuvos is a universal software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to avoid the pain of having to re-write their applications to support different types of devices. Nuvos will be working with ABQid to open-source key parts of this technology, enabling the exact same code to work seamlessly on billions of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and embedded devices.
o Peptineo offers a fully-enabled nano-based therapeutic delivery platform, with key opportunities in antibiotics and vaccines, that is backed by over $US 10 million in R & D. We will make and we will sell re-formulated therapeutics that take advantage of our delivery platform, which unlike many of our competitors, is based on a material that is generally regarded as safe (GRAS).
o PiFi is a hardware and software cloud platform that makes it easy for parents to manage when, and for how long, their children use the Internet. Children receive academic reinforcement, and parents get the peace of mind that their children are not spending too much time on the Internet. We believe in simplicity.
o Plug.Solar designs, manufactures and distributes the SunPort plug and play solar access point, which delivers solar energy to any electrical outlet, allowing anyone to get solar as a service. The SunPort is a portable, fun, and easy to use smart grid device which affordably provides solar energy through the power grid, simply by plugging in. It uses patent-pending MatchBox technology, which tracks energy consumption and automatically matches it to third party certified solar energy from remotely located grid-tied panels.
o SportXast is a smartphone app that makes it easy to capture goals and touchdowns, to find the best plays of the game and to share amazing plays with friends and family. Its instant replay button helps fans catch incredible highlights. @SportXast, www.facebook.com/SportXast
o ToroFish attracts more students to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by using rewards as incentives. The Company is launching a rewards program that provides points to students in grades Kindergarten through 12 for their involvement in STEM activities both in and out of school. The points may be converted into gift cards that students can use to buy food, clothes, music, or other things.
o Undisclosed Company. A company that has chosen to remain unnamed.

Photos “borrowed” optimistically and with fondness from the Albuquerque Business First.

#InflectionWeek – Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Albuquerque

business growth_0There’s a swell of entrepreneurial innovation set to kick off in Albuquerque next week, signaling a critical inflection point, with multiple catalyzing events taking place, all designed to build momentum in our constantly growing and rapidly evolving local startup ecosystem.

August 5th, ABQid will announce the 2014 teams selected for the accelerator program. We are thrilled to be working with this amazing group of startups and to help them on their journey to becoming the next big thing in the business world.

It feels electric downtown, supercharged by the entrepreneurial passion of our community with programs and events that are giving shape to the unlimited possibilities for local entrepreneurs. It’s critical that we all democratize the entrepreneurial process and get the entire community involved in these efforts.

Anyone can participate in these entrepreneurial events; find local resources to help develop ideas and build sustainable businesses set for growth. All the events next week are designed for our community, so take part and get involved in our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Lets all work together to make something amazing happen for our community.

Want to be a part Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial Inflection Week? Click here, to see many of the events going on downtown.

ABQid Accelerator – Team Announcement Party!


Friday July 25, Albuquerque, New Mexico, ABQid, Inc., (www.ABQid.com), an accelerator for high-growth and technology startups in Albuquerque, NM will host a team announcement event on August 5th, at 5:30pm at the ABQid Accelerator space in downtown Albuquerque.

The teams for the 2014 ABQid Accelerator class will be announced at a program that evening, kicking-off the orientation week for the accelerator.

Teams accepted into the program will receive $20,000 in initial financing in exchange for 6% equity in their company. They also receive office resources in the ABQid Accelerator facility, as well as access to a diverse mentor network of entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, technologists, product builders and investors. ABQid offers startups accepted into the program amazing resources, amounting to nearly $100,000 in free perks from over 15 of the best vendors in the world, including Microsoft, Softlayer, Rackspace, PayPal and more.

“We have an outstanding cohort and are very please to announce the teams for the 2014 ABQid Accelerator” says Bill Bice, Board President of ABQid. “We’re exceptionally pleased with our outstanding array of volunteer mentors, as well.”

For more information on ABQid, Inc. and the Accelerator program, please visit www.ABQid.com. Or RSVP for the event, here.