Our Purpose

Entrepreneurs Lead the Way

verge-mainABQid supports the amazing entrepreneurs that are in our community and we are committed to helping them build great businesses that create jobs in New Mexico. ABQid democratizes entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge, power, resources and network they need to be successful.

The Lean Startup is the basis of our curriculum because it’s a methodology that gives entrepreneurs an effective way to test out products with users for critical feedback; helps refine their business model to achieve product market fit and ultimately builds products that a core set of users love.

Long-term Commitment and Support

Image-1ABQid is an essential part of Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial ecosystem; sourcing the next generation of entrepreneurs, while ensuring our current generation has the resources they need to succeed in their business.

ABQid’s framework establishes a sustainable system over the long-term: our goal is to exist as an evergreen organization that supports local entrepreneurs without the need for ongoing public funding.


Everyone is Welcome to Participate

Photo-4ABQid democratizes entrepreneurship by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, power, resources and network they need to be successful in their business.

Come see us at recurring events such as 1 Million Cups and Entrepreneurial Office Hours, or contact us to learn other ways we can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs solve their most immediate challenges and eliminate obstacles so they can get on with building their businesses in Albuquerque.