ActivateNM is a hybrid pre-accelerator and incubator program hosted by ABQid, powered by CNM Ingenuity, and WESST. The program is designed on the pillars of Build, Disrupt, and Community.

We're here to help tech founders build valuable businesses that are going to disrupt a particular market through big visions and innovative, transformative ideas. We also believe that entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed when they are surrounded by a community of support. ActivateNM is committed to nurturing New Mexico's entrepreneurial community and thus, promoting prosperity in our state.

Fall 2019 Demo Day is Dec 6

Join us FREE on December 6 for our third cohort's Demo Day.

We accept applications 2 times per year and seek early stage software or software-enabled startups to join the program. "Early stage" typically means companies that are pre-launch and/or pre-revenue, with little to no outside funding raised, and who are looking to raise outside capital to move quickly.

Specifically we look for:

  • a team ready to grow quickly. We like to see applications from founding teams rather than single founders, though solo founders with the ability to dedicate full-time effort to the business and who are eager to build their team are also encouraged to apply.
  • a disruptive idea that solves an important problem in a unique way in a potentially large ($1b+ market)
  • a working product or prototype that has been tested outside the team (i.e. with potential customers)
  • a growing understanding of the market or markets you'll be serving via real-life interviews and research.

Even if you're not "there" in all the above categories, we encourage you to apply to start the conversation with us, as we love helping founders at every phase of their journey.

The Curriculum

The ActivateNM curriculum brings founding teams on an amazing 8-week journey ending in a live Demo Day in Albuquerque. This curriculum phase is based on Lean Startup principles and designed to give teams hands-on learning each week with a local business leader who is an expert on the topic. Each week, business leaders will workshop at least one cohort company, while other companies observe and participate.

The topics covered in the 8-week ActivateNM curriculum include:

  1. Lean Startup Crash Course
  2. Customer Discovery and Development
  3. Team & Organizational Development
  4. Product-Market Fit
  5. Customer Acquisition & Marketing
  6. Corporate and Legal
  7. Fundraising
  8. Pitching and presentation

Commitment & Cost

While there is an 8-week curriculum phase customized for each company in the cohort, we don't stop there. In partnership with WESST Enterprise Center, the program provides continued space, time, and weekly support for your startup to achieve the milestone(s) you set out to hit as part of onboarding. Typically, companies will be expected to move through the program in 3-6 months.

There are a number of reasons a company may exit early. Failing to make progress for consecutive weeks or otherwise invalidating a core business hypotheses may lead to an exit path. We celebrate failure and help you stay in community.

Accepted companies are required to participate in all Wednesday 11am-2pm sessions, attend extra workshops as determined during on-boarding, give full time effort (~40 hours/week) to the company, and connect at least weekly with the ABQid Program Director and your Team Mentor.

Some participants are eligible to receive a $2,000 scholarship to participate. Scholarships will be granted based on financial need. A monthly program fee of $100 is required for all participating companies.

ActivateNM Cohort Companies

A couple of times each year, ActivateNM accepts applications from early-stage software or software-enabled startups based in New Mexico. Take a peek at current and past cohort companies and the exciting startups they're building in New Mexico.

Nimble Compensation
Founder, Zach Spangler
Spring 2019 Cohort


Well Known Corporation
Founder, Shailaja Jale
Spring 2019 Cohort

Conversion Plan
Founder, Xavier Lemon
Spring 2019 Cohort

Donor Jar
Founders Chris Jaramillo & Ben Ferrufino
Spring 2019 Cohort

Schedule My Rent
Founder, Kris Winckler
Fall 2018 Cohort

Custom Cult
Founder, Marty Bonacci
Fall 2018 Cohort

Think Ubiquitous
Founders, Magdalena & John Donahue
Fall 2018 Cohort

Fruitstand Tech
Founder, Kanani Voegeli
Fall 2018 Cohort

Founders, Javier Romero & Gus Liakos
Fall 2018 Cohort

ActivateNM Mentors

The success of ActivateNM cohort companies depends on the support of our extensive network of professional mentors. Mentors volunteer their time to facilitate workshops, mentor companies 1-on-1, and share their business knowledge to help companies make progress towards their key growth milestones.

Kevin Soules
Patent Attorney
Loza & Loza, LLP

Ioana Engstrom
Director, Int'l Business Development
NeoSan Labs

Lisa Adkins
Chief Operating Officer
Ingenuity Software Labs

Adam Greenhood
Chief Executive Officer

David King
Business Consultant
Albuquerque, NM

And many more!

More mentors posted soon.