ABQid Partners with the Air Force Research Lab

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Air Force Research Laboratory Tech Engagement Office to develop new ways to connect the Laboratory with existing technology businesses and entrepreneurs in New Mexico. The agreement is part of AFRL’s desire to accelerate innovation by working more effectively with the private sector, and ABQid’s desire to help build successful high-growth companies in New Mexico.

The goal is to better familiarize the private sector with the technological needs of the Air Force and engage them to help address those needs by creating commercially viable solutions for the Air Force.

“For the Air Force to maintain its edge in protecting this country, we must be more innovative and be able to adapt quickly to changing technology. That can be a challenge for the government. We see entrepreneurs and innovators in the private sector as an underused resource to assist us with this challenge by bringing their innovation into our labs and helping us find nimble solutions,” said Matt Fetrow, Director of the AFRL TEO.

ABQid and the AFRL TEO will follow a lean process over the next couple of months to identify synergies between Air Force technological needs and existing industry capabilities. We’ll then develop programming designed to better connect the two.

“We know that New Mexico has some very successful innovative tech companies, and we believe that we can bring them into a space where they can work towards solutions for AFRL as while creating products that are commercially viable,” said T.J. Cook, Executive Director of ABQid.