2017 Health and Wellness Accelerator Program

ABQid is incredibly excited to announce our upcoming 2017 Health and Wellness Accelerator Program!  After our initial unveiling during 1 Million Cups at FatPipe, our new direction has been met with encouragement and approval.  There have also been some questions regarding our strategy of utilizing themed cohorts, namely why Health and Wellness?  We love answering this question because ABQid strongly believes in the potential of a Health and Wellness focus!

Here in New Mexico, considerable research and development constantly occurs within the realm of health and wellness.  Much of this innovation comes from our national laboratories and research universities.  Because of the growth in this sector, ABQid will have the opportunity to partner with many prominent individuals and businesses in the Health and Wellness space.  We can then apply these partnerships to our cohort companies providing them access to our partners and their processes.  This is a huge benefit for companies in this sector as market access can be one of the largest hurdles a startup needs to overcome.

Health and Wellness is an omnipresent focus as well.  This sector is taking on big problems that need big solutions.  There is ample value in solving these problems from both a societal and investment viewpoint.  Health and Wellness is an evergreen direction with continual innovation and potential.

If you are interested in applying for our 2017 Accelerator Program, applications will open on Friday, April 7th.

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