Demo Day 2016

ABQid would like to congratulate our 2016 cohort for their achievement and thank everyone in the community who attended our 2016 Demo Day!  It was a thrilling success.  We are incredibly proud of our cohort companies (Metapipe, Inde Beats, Dear Dr. Dora, Wusk, and Bee the Swarm) as they have put in a tremendous amount of work and effort to get to this point.  Demo Day is extremely vital to these companies gaining exposure in the entrepreneurial community.  By participating in Demo Day, they have made a valuable investment of hard work and time into their business.  Demo Day not only benefits our cohort, but it draws Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to the forefront.  Events like Demo Day spread the word that Albuquerque startups are growing and thriving.  It is our hope that by hosting our annual Demo Day, we not only grow our portfolio companies, but the city’s economic future as well.  Many people have inquired about what happens to these companies now.  Truth be told, our accelerator program and Demo Day are really just the beginning.  These startups now face the challenge of independently moving their companies forward with ABQid’s continued support.  We have given them some incredibly valuable tools and it is now up to these founders to put them to use.  All of us at ABQid are completely confident in our 2016 cohort and know they will continue to push their businesses forward utilizing Lean Startup methodologies.  Thank you again to everyone who helped make ABQid Demo Day possible: our cohort, sponsors, investors, board members, staff, and community.  Action to Traction!


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