ABQid Team Spotlight: Innobright

Raghu Kopalle and the innoBright team have been very busy of late. In the past month, Raghu has pitched at the Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) Deal Stream Summit, to the Utah-based Kickstart Seed Fund team, to the New Mexico Angels, and most recently at 1 Million Cups ABQ. Investor feedback has been positive overall and Raghu explains that “several potential investors are currently in talks” regarding innoBright.

Looking ahead, innoBright has several beta customers lined up and plans to get their product out to these customers shortly. The launch of an expanded website (from its current basic version) is also on the horizon for InnoBright. The company is currently working with ABQid staff member Evan King on the development of this site. Demo Day, November 21st, will be a great opportunity to learn more about all of the progress made by Raghu and his team.

With regards to his experience as an ABQid Accelerator team member, Raghu explained that nearing the end is “bittersweet” because he is grateful for all that he has learned, but also very excited to move forward. His advice for future accelerator teams includes “understand the curriculum ahead of time” and “be accountable to yourself.” Raghu further added that “you want to go through the rigor to reduce your chances of failure” when reflecting on how to get the most out the experience.  He echoed these sentiments in front of a full crowd at 1 Million Cups on October 29th, providing a powerful endorsement for ABQid’s Accelerator program.  Raghu has truly made the most of his time with ABQid and we believe big things are ahead for innoBright!