Bill Bice to Speak at TEDxABQ Salon The Entrepreneur

What is the roadmap for building Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? It’s a critical question for our community right now. The success of each individual startup is significant, directly tying back to the success of citywide efforts to build out programs that support local entrepreneurs and take a positive step forward in securing New Mexico’s economic future.

Bill Bice, ABQid board president, will be speaking at TEDxABQ on July 10th to talk about the opportunities and challenges of building a startup community and jump-starting Albuquerque’s participation in the 21st century economy. He will discuss the factors critical to realizing Albuquerque potential, as a real technology startup player on the national landscape and creating local entrepreneurial growth from the wealth of intellectual capital that already exists at our universities, national labs and within the local community.

ABQid takes the “grow our own” approach to building a startup community by providing a three month structured support and mentoring program to approximately ten selected high-growth, scalable startups. ABQid is centered on the lean startup philosophy that emphasizes rapid iteration and customer discovery to gather feedback and test each startup’s assumptions quickly and effectively. Through customer development and hard work, these teams will have the opportunity to test every assumption they’ve made and refine each company into a potentially world changing technology.

The idea is to support promising startups during the critical initial building phase, when founders will have to attack big challenges and launch their products quickly, with intensive mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurs. The long-term goal of ABQid is to deliver more fundable startups into our local economy that grow faster and smarter and provide more great paying jobs to our local community.