CNM Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

On Tuesday, April 22nd, ABQid and CNM hosted the first entrepreneurial bootcamp for students and members of the community, focused on creating new companies. Aided by Tom Darling, Professor of Business and Entrepreneuriship at CNM and the newly announced STEMulous Center, the ABQid team presented a compressed overview of the Lean Startup methodology for creating a business.

Hosted at CNM with presenters from ABQid, over 70 attendees participated in a hands-on workshop, designed to “kickstart” their startup companies. The program focused on an introduction to the Business Model Canvas, and the Lean Startup methodology for quickly testing assumptions about your business idea – and most importantly, learning how to validate the existence of customers.

CNM’s effort, led by Tom Darling, has emphasized the importance of customer validation – the very important process of identifying a prospective customer and asking them if they will buy your product or service – and how to adjust your product to that input, as well as learn to incorporate that customer input continuously, as part of your business.

Eager participants engaged with entrepreneurs in the two-hour seminar, learning strategies on how to identify the value of what they propose to sell, as well as the importance of customer segmentation, and sales channels.

ABQid made the commitment to provide any participant follow-on support and advice if they provided a completed Business Model Canvas and the input of ten prospective customers.

The next event will be hosted in conjunction with UNM on May 8th.