Oppedahl’s Five Year Plan

We have a unique opportunity in Albuquerque with a CEO for mayor and a serial entrepreneur in charge of economic development. To learn more, go to Albuquerque Business First’s interview with Gary Oppedahl, discussing in his five year economic development plan the need for an accelerator:

We’re working on new incubators. Let’s build the infrastructure around this corridor so that this corridor thing explodes. On the business development side, we have to do some accelerators so that people will look at it as a process like anything else, and that’s putting in a maker space, that’s putting in an accelerator process. We have to keep recruiting … but we have to grow businesses, and that’s what the mayor asked me to do was make this the most entrepreneurially-friendly city. We want to do, like people do job fairs, we want to do small business fairs where people can go and learn how to start a business.