UNM Law School rated 4th best in the nation

Law is a profession in turmoil: too many newly minted JDs chasing too few top paying jobs. Second tier law schools are already struggling. Students are voting with their feet, looking for where they can get good value with a great education.

UNM School of Law is winning that battle. UNM has long been regarded to have the best clinical law program in the country — actually training future JDs how to be lawyers. This is reflected in student’s ranking of law schools in Above the Law’s Top 10, where UNM is tied for 4th. Here’s the comment they included from a UNM student:

UNM School of Law has a tight-knit, supportive environment. The professors all maintain open-door policies and are always approachable. The career services department is committed to helping each and every student find the right place and is incredibly helpful along the way. The integrated clinic program as well as other classes give every student the opportunity to learn real world skills that will be carried forward. Every student who comes to UNM School of Law is encouraged and helped to succeed on every level.

Great job, UNM!