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We love Albuquerque. That’s why our board, staff, and awesome founders are devoted to helping high-growth startups create opportunities that lead to prosperity.

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Lean Startup Bootcamps

Our Lean Startup Bootcamps are run with community partners and local economic development organizations. The 2.5 hour sessions focus on customer discovery & validation: Whose problem are you solving, what’s the best solution, and will they buy what you’re selling?
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We invite the best entrepreneurial teams with high-growth ideas into the ABQid Accelerator, a 3-month program that uses mentorship and connectivity to dramatically improve customer validation, MVP creation, and path to market strategy.
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Idea Hacks are collaborative sessions where we use creative thinking to generate a series of new ideas and then explore their limitless possibilities. Idea hacks eliminate the constraints that normally stifle innovation.
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Our Process and Methodology

We use the Lean Startup customer-validation methodology as the core of our curriculum for both Lean Startup bootcamps and our Accelerator because it addresses the most fundamental need for all kinds of entrepreneurs, whether innovation-led/high growth, micro-enterprise, main street businesses, or 2nd stage companies.

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We help startups in our community make critical connections with potential investors, customers, business partners, financial institutions and other relationships that can move their business forward quickly.

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