The ABQid accelerator is an intensive, three-month program, which supports high-growth startup companies in finding the most rapid and efficient paths to market for their products with the ultimate goal of acquiring additional funding from a network of investors.

Who we look for

We seek to accelerate companies who are primed to show strong growth according to the four investment criteria our counterpart, ABQid Fund I, uses to make investment decisions in companies that are:

  1. Led by coachable teams with the experience and industry expertise to execute their vision
  2. Building scalable companies in growing and/or underserved markets that are ripe for disruption
  3. At a unique competitive advantage based on their customer traction, IP, or strategic direction
  4. Well positioned to produce outsized returns for our investors

Through the ABQid Accelerator program, teams establish new connections with professional networks of serial entrepreneurs and investors who can help them navigate the often-complex process of creating their startup.

The accelerator’s curriculum is modeled on the Lean Startup methodology, where startups test assumptions with users to get critical feedback on whether their product or service addresses specific pain points and identifies the specific user segments who’ll garner the most benefit from it. They also use this time to identify the channels necessary to reach customers, the relationships that will drive success and the critical partnerships that will help them grow faster.

Customer, mentor and advisor feedback and peers in the ABQid program help the startup entrepreneurs learn the central iterations and strategic pivots that build products that users fundamentally love. They continue to refine their business model and prototype their product until the market indicates that they have product market fit. This is the moment that teams prepare to launch their product into the marketplace.