If this doesn’t qualify as a crisis…

…for our state, then I don’t know what will. As Albuquerque Business First reported, we’re the only state in the region with negative migration. More people are leaving than coming. The reason is simple, of course: the jobs aren’t here.

If you know and love New Mexico, this is a call to action. 


  1. Indeed it is a crisis. But "lack of jobs", and I mean "good jobs" isn't new to New Mexico. The question is WHAT do we do about it. After seeing multiple initiatives over the last decade, even a touch longer, to try to help, the answer has not yet arrived.

    But allow me to suggest that ACTION is lacking. We have lots of TALK, but little action. As Stu Rose has said in several presentations "you must be a doer". Meeting after meeting, group after group, who hold meetings and get-togethers, there is rarely a follow-up with action items.

    THIS is MY call to action:




    HELP EACH OTHER because one win leads to other wins

    We have too many people who think "good meeting" is enough. Too many people who say "and let's get together again soon to talk more" or "see you at the next event", and too many who say "I'm watching to see how this plays out."

    GET INVOLVED. Make a mistake, learn from it, move on, but for goodness sake TAKE ACTION.

    And please, when you make see an issue follow it up with "and here's an actionable plan to get things moving in the right direction".

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