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A City of Thriving Entrepreneurs

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who we are

We aim to democratize entrepreneurship and fundamentally change Albuquerque’s economy by developing a city of thriving entrepreneurs who lead the creation of new jobs.
People behind ABQid

we believe in

• Entrepreneurs leading the way

• Long-term commitment & community support

• Everyone is welcome to participate

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what we do

We have two principal entrepreneurial programs that aim to improve the economy across our community.

• Our accelerator program is aimed at high growth startups and has a selective application process.
• Our community program is open to all entrepreneurs and gives them access to resources in the form of mentorship, education and connections.

Entrepreneur Bootcamps

Our Entrepreneur Bootcamps are run with community partners and local economic development organizations, with a particular focus on customer validation: do people want to buy what you’re selling?
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We take the ten best entrepreneurial teams with the biggest and best ideas into the ABQid Accelerator, which is a 3 month intensive mentoring and customer validation process that create nimble companies.
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Idea Hacks are collaborative sessions where we use creative thinking to generate a series of new ideas and then explore their limitless possibilities. Idea hacks eliminate the constraints that normally stifle innovation.
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Our Process and Methodology

We use the Lean Startup customer-validation methodology as the core of our curriculum for both community bootcamps and our accelerator program because we feel that it addresses the most fundamental need for all kinds of entrepreneurs, whether innovation-led/high growth, micro-enterprise, main street businesses, or 2nd stage companies.

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Learning to network effectively is a critical part of a startups long-term success. We help startups in our community make critical connections with potential investors, customers, business partners, financial institutions and other valuable relationships that can move their business idea forward quickly.

everyone is welcome to participate

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